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Welcome to the 2020 Season!
by posted 01/22/2020

On behalf of the entire Oak Mtn Lacrosse Board, I am beyond thrilled to get this rolling!! Below in bullet points you will find the important takeaways then there are a few more thoughts about the season, my goals for the team and expectations of each player.
  • Ben Price - Head Coach - ph # (847) 477-0030
  • Clark Vines - Asst Coach
  • Walker Lacy - Asst Coach
  • Practice begins Monday Jan 20th (MLK Day) at 7pm-830pm at Heardmont's H3 field, we will be practicing Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday Mornings (830am-10am) until games begin in late February/early March
  • We will not be scheduling games or practices over Spring Break
  • We will do our best to notify everyone of any changes to our schedule via our GroupMe channel in the most timely manner possible
  • The Dan Anderson Lacrosse Classic is slated to take place April 18th and 19th and we are planning on getting this group signed up for this tournament so please mark your calendars
  • Practice starts at 7pm during the week and 830am on Saturdays, meaning the players are on the field, dressed and ready to go, not just getting there at those times. If this is something we struggle with then we may need to move towards 2 hour practices.
  • Each player is required to have a lacrosse pinnie for practice (do not feel the need to buy anything, we should have extras to hand out if needed)
  • Bring water, mouth guard, lacrosse gear and defensive players especially should be wearing a cup
  • If a player is going to miss practice, I would really like for the players to reach out to me directly via text or groupme. This is the expectation at the High School level so we might as well start now as much as possible!
  • If a player is sick, they shouldn't be at practice, if there is a big test or project, I understand as school is THE priority, if a player needs to miss practice to go get a haircut then let's try and encourage attendance and re-schedule the hair appointment.
  • Our schedule, games or practice, should be considered mandatory unless one of the coaches state otherwise
  • Uniforms and spirit wear that were ordered prior to 1/3 should be in this week and we will be available for pickup during our upcoming FaceOff Community Day (details to follow about the rescheduled day and time)
  • The re-opened team store is still open!!! Click here to visit and shop! What we've received thus far looks awesome!!!
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The biggest takeaway from my time with the U14's a few years ago is how we need to do a better job getting this group ready for High School lacrosse while making sure the game stays a game.... whether you've been playing for a few years or this is your player's first year. This experience will be what we build this season around.
I've also learned over the year's that this is probably one of the most difficult age groups to handle as a coach. Reason being is that at this age, there is naturally going to be players that will vary in size and speed. Also, there will be a group a players that have decided at this age that they are year around lacrosse players and play on travel clubs throughout the Southeast...but this also is the age where we can see the greatest development in both skill and lacrosse IQ and this is what we will be focused on.. the things that we can control. This in my opinion makes this game beyond special, a players physical size and strength is only a small piece of the lacrosse pie. A player's ability to catch and throw with both hands, communicate and work hard means so much in this game.. all of those are within each player's ability and control.
To help increase our skill and IQ, we will have Walker Lacy full time with us who not only played lax and graduated from Oak Mtn, he also went on to play in college. He was with us during our Fall Camp and he is going to be a fantastic leader, coach and mentor for our group. Additionally, we will be having our high school coaches helping at practice as much as possible. This includes Oak Mtn's newest addition, Brett Eisenman who played D1 lacrosse at Mercer. A few high school players will be coming to our practices on occasion to help ensure our U14's are getting the best on field instruction as possible.
Know that as board and a coaching staff, our focus will be building your player up so that this is the best experience possible. We are going to work our tales off together but I truly believe the rewards for the effort will be beyond evident.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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