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Hoover G10 Black Schedule
by posted 02/27/2020

Hello Team!

First item:  Please email me your jersey number.  We are required to have a roster during games, including the players' numbers.

Second Item:  Our first game is Sunday at 1 PM at the Rathmell Sports Park.  Please arrive early.  Please arrive early so we can warm and to ensure we can start right at 1.  

Third Item:  I have created a Google Sheet with game information including a sign up for snacks, sideline managers, and table managers (aka timekeeper/scorekeeper required for home games only).  You can find the link below.  We are required to have a sideline manager at each game to ensure that our fans respect the game/don't get in a fight; this has not been and issue in the past, and I do not expect it to be.  This person comes out for the coin flip then reamains on the sideline.  The table manage keeps time and score at the table betweent he benches.  We are required to have one person for home games, with up to three.  We can also have up to two people at away games.  Please sign up so we are prepared before the game, and don't end up relying on the same people each game (unless you want to).



Fourth Item:  No Practice on Monday 3/2/20.  Our field is being used for a game.  We WILL have practice on Wednesday even though we have a game on Thursday.  This is mostly to go over what we learned at the game. 


For those intereseted, here is a link to the official rule book and chart (note that we play 5v5 with no goalie, but follow the other U10 rules):  https://www.uslacrosse.org/rules/girls-rules

I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday!


Scott Lee

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