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COVID-19 Update



by posted 04/03/2020
Practice Tips!

Listed below are some great resources to help you to continue to develop your lacrosse skills during this time:


For Coaches:


by posted 04/03/2020
US Lacrosse COVID-19 Update

Dear US Lacrosse Members, Donors and Stakeholders:

The rising uncertainty and discomfort we have experienced in just a few short weeks have us yearning for a familiar routine. Unfortunately, we must embrace the unfamiliar to effectively navigate these challenging times. Our willingness to act selflessly and follow evolving health directives — our individual and collective decisions over the coming weeks and months — is essential.

In just a matter of days, our lives have been upended in the wake of the global pandemic, but the connectivity and engagement so celebrated within our sport position us well to provide ongoing support and leadership to our respective communities.

In addition to the unfortunate cancellations and suspensions of youth, high school, college and professional seasons, US Lacrosse recently announced that we have canceled or postponed numerous events, clinics and meetings throughout the country in the coming weeks.

Over the last few days, we have also made significant decisions to suspend staff travel indefinitely and transition our national staff to a work-from-home protocol starting Wednesday, March 18. We have spent the last week assuring that staff members have the technology required to be as productive and interactive as possible while working remotely.

Despite these extraordinary circumstances, our staff will be accessible and focused on providing support and service to the national lacrosse community during this crisis. We will continue to advance our strategic plan goals, keep you connected and informed through our media channels, and evolve our programs and resources in preparation for the inevitable return of play.

As a nonprofit organization, we’re grateful for the ongoing support of our members and the generosity of our donors, particularly given the unprecedented challenges we will face in the weeks and months to come. You are the lifeblood of our organization, and this is the time we need you most.

A gift from the Creator centuries ago, the roots of lacrosse run deep, as do the relationships our connection to the sport has enabled. If frustration or fear mount from time to time in the days to come, just grab your stick, and you’ll be reminded of the strength of that lasting connection.


Steve Stenersen
CEO, US Lacrosse

by posted 04/03/2020
Spring Season 2020 Moments!

by posted 02/14/2020
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