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Are You Ready to Join the Third Team on the field?


2021-2022 Fall Training Dates Below:


December 12, 2021

January 23, 2022

February 13, 2022.


For information on these training dates and more please contact Tom Lewis,





Why Officiate?

Officiating is the perfect way to stay actively involved in the game. The officiating community is the “third team” on the field and through officiating you can develop friendships and connections with others committed to the game. You will become part of the Alabama Lacrosse Officials Association (ALOA) which provides officials to all lacrosse games in Alabama.    

Stay Fit!

Tired of paying for the gym membership that you hardly (never) use? How about getting paid to get in shape and get some exercise?

Schedules are flexible as there are a number of games to cover throughout the week and weekends.  ALOA uses a scheduling program called Arbiter which allows member officials to “block” times when a member is unable to work a game. So, in essence, you control your schedule and work as much as you would like.

So What Does This Cost And How Much Can I Make?

Here is a breakdown:

Annual costs - ALOA Dues - $45.00 for new officials; USL Dues - $55.00 (Rulebook is included with your membership dues)

Start-up costs:

Uniform – Google “Lacrosse Official Uniform” and you will find a number of suppliers but average starter kit cost is $150 - $250 (if you buy accessories such as jackets, long sleeves, long pants – the cost will go up). A good pair of shoes is essential for the amount of running you will do – so figure another $100 for that about every other year depending on how many games you work. Typically you will add to a starter kit so this is not a recurring cost. Officials will add different accessories to their kit as the year’s progress.

How Many Games Will I Get and How Much Can I Make?

Below is a range for Boys and Girls Officials game fees:

8U through High School $50 up to $70, also dependent on how many officials on a field and division you are refereeing.

As there are typically games every weeknight and weekends, you can do your own math. Recouping the dues and start-up costs will come quickly. Remember – you control your availability so how many games you are assigned depends on your availability. The average for Spring Season 2018 was 32 games per official with the highest being 62 games.

How Often Do I Get Paid?

The Spring season runs from mid-February to early May. The ALOA treasurer pays out every two weeks during the season with the final paycheck coming after the championships which delays payment beyond the two week period by about a week. 

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn The Rules And Start Getting Assigned Games?

Once you fulfil the steps listed above, you will be certified to officiate and you are eligible to be assigned games. We will match newer officials with a senior official to make sure you are not alone out there.

As far as “knowing the rules” – well that is a journey. Depending on your experience, a new official will take about 1-2 years to understand the rules and application. Our trainers emphasize “getting in the book” and working on those areas that are a little more complicated. We also encourage new officials to join the ALOA Facebook group as new material is always being posted there.


Can I Officiate Boys and Girls?

You can, but as a new official, it’s probably best to learn one or the other. If you grew up with the game, it is possible to officiate both games.     

Insurance provided?

The contract signed by ALOA with Greater Birmingham Youth Lacrosse Association (GBYLA) compels both ALOA and GBYLA to provide a $1,000,000 comprehensive general liability insurance policy. US Lacrosse membership also provides another level of liability coverage for all member officials.   

 Are you ready to join the Third Team on the field?

  1. Contact ALOA
    1. For the Girls Game – Tom Lewis   
    2. For the Boys Game – Brian Mast 
  2. Attend training – Tom or Brian will provide the upcoming dates for training and certification in preparation for the upcoming season.
  3. Join US Lacrosse if you haven’t already -  https://www.uslacrosse.org/
    1. Click the Join button in the upper right and follow the instructions to join as an official
    2. If you are already a member, please contact Membership Services – 410-235-6882 #102, they will assist you in converting or adding yourself as an official.

US Lacrosse offers comprehensive training and start-up assistance for both new and advancing men’s and women’s lacrosse officials. And we need you to come out and support the ever growing number of players in the Greater Birmingham Youth Lacrosse Association. Training consists of both classroom and field opportunities that get you ready for the season. Training is conducted by certified US Lacrosse trainers for both the men’s and women’s side of the game. You will be prepared when you take the field.


Please contact the following for more information: 

Men's Game - Tom Lewis 

Women's Game - Aimetta Prince