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To file a grievance:

Grievances involving fan and/or player behavior should be reported to your Head Coach first.  Your Head Coach will then contact his/her community representative regarding your complaint. 

For all other issues/complaints please email your local community lacrosse point of contact first (listed below).  Your community representative will be in contact with you, review your case and advise your local community lacrosse board as well as the GBYLA as to the nature of the grievance and resulting solution.  



  Briarwood Lions - George Moore,  

  Homewood - Bill Jacka,

  Hoover - Iris Franklin,

  John Carroll - Andy Langan,

  Mountain Brook - Jamey Harris,

  Oak Mountain - Phillip Hunter,

  Trussville - Mark Higginbotham,

  Vestavia - Michael Lytle,   


To file a grievance directly with the gbyla please email;