Alabama Lacrosse Championships
May 3, 2014
Spain Park High School
U13 Competitive
U15 Competitive
Girls Grades 6-8
Girls High School
Boys High School BD1
Boys High School BD2
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Lacrosse Golf Tournament!

Bring your lacrosse stick and use it to win!

Altadena Valley Country Club; May 5th, 2 PM shotgun start; scramble format

Closest to the pin, low gross, and straightest drive prizes including $250 Dick's Sporting Goods gift card

Win a 6-lap Drive Courtesy of Talladega Superspeedway and Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure for a hole in one!

Registration $100; lunch included. Register as a single, pair, three-some, or four-some

 Sponsored by Vestavia Lacrosse (proceeds benefit VLO)

 GBYLA Youth Jamborees!   
 April 26th & 27th
 Games start at 8:00am
Hosted by;
Homewood Patriots Lacrosse & Spain Park Lacrosse


Top Players 
Team:  Season:
1.  Ford, Jack 37 
2.  Sims, Brian 26 
3.  Thornton, Bryce 24 
4.  Ward, Seth 24 
5.  Mills, Archie 23 
6.  Fowler, Ziven 22 
7.  Irvine, Len 22 
8.  Dickinson, Grant 21 
9.  Jeffords, Harris 19 
10.  Manley, Reid 19 
1.  Worthen, Kade 20 
2.  Dickinson, Grant 16 
3.  Dickinson, Luke 16 
4.  Smith, Leyton 16 
5.  Ford, Jack 15 
6.  Cotumaccio, Alex 14 
7.  Gohlke, Chase 11 
8.  Hix, Jay 11 
9.  Fowler, Ziven 10 
10.  Irvine, Len 10 
Loose Balls
1.  Nelson, Steven 94 
2.  McCreary, Creed 91 
3.  Spencer, Peter 81 
4.  Irvine, Lyle 74 
5.  Zellmer, Luke 70 
6.  Jones, Andrew 68 
7.  Talyor, Kenneth 64 
8.  Honbarrier, William 60 
9.  Mills, Archie 57 
10.  Irvine, Clarke 55 
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Today's Games 
Bu 9 Hoover Black   9:00 AM
Bu 9 Hoover White Old Be...
Bu 9 Vestavia White   10:00 AM
Bu 9 Mountain Brook White Sicard...
Bu11 Vestavia Blue   10:30 AM
Bu11 Mountain Brook Green Sicard...
Bu11 Hoover White 4  box 
Bu11 Chelsea 7
BD1 Bob Jones   10:30 AM
BD1 Hoover Bob Jo...
Bu11 Trussville   10:30 AM
Bu11 Lions Trussv...
Bu13 Oak Mountain Blue   11:00 AM
Bu13 Trussville Heardm...
G68 Mountain Brook   11:00 AM
G68 Huntsville Rathme...
BD2 Auburn   Rain Out
BD2 Oak Mountain Shug F...
Bu 9 Lions   11:30 AM
Bu 9 Mountain Brook Green Sicard...
BJV Bob Jones   12:00 PM
BJV Hoover Bob Jo...
BJV Vestavia   12:00 PM
BJV Prattville Sicard...
Bu15 Huntsville Blue 4  box 
Bu15 Vestavia 10
GHS Hoover   12:00 PM
GHS Huntsville Hoover...
Bu11 Hoover Black   12:00 PM
Bu11 Mountain Brook Gold Old Be...
Bu15 Princeton 9  box 
Bu15 Mountain Brook Green 8
BJV Auburn   Rain Out
BJV Oak Mountain Shug F...
BJV Auburn   Cancelled
BJV John Carroll Shug F...
Bu13 Hoover Black   1:30 PM
Bu13 Huntsville Blue Old Be...
Bu15 Huntsville Grey   1:30 PM
Bu15 Mountain Brook Gold Brahan...
BD2 Grissom 15  box 
BD2 Homewood 2
GHS Trussville   Cancelled
Non GBYLA Trussv...
BD1 Bob Jones   2:00 PM
BD1 Hoover Bob Jo...
BJV Huntsville 21  box 
BJV Prattville 0
GHS Jets   Cancelled
GHS Spain Park James ...
Bu15 Hoover White   3:00 PM
Bu15 Lions Old Be...
Bu13 Huntsville Grey 1  box 
Bu13 Mountain Brook White 15
G68 Oak Mountain   3:00 PM
G68 Huntsville Heardm...
Bu11 Mountain Brook Gold   3:30 PM
Bu11 Huntsville Blue Rathme...
Bu15 Hoover Black   4:30 PM
Bu15 Homewood Old Be...
Bu13 Hoover White   6:00 PM
Bu13 Vestavia White Old Be...

Upcoming Games 
Bu 9 Homewood vs Bu 9 Hoover White
Bu13 Mountain Brook Gold vs Bu13 Homewood
G68 Berry-Hoover vs G68 Mountain Brook
BD2 Oak Mountain vs BD2 Briarwood
Bu11 Hoover Black vs Bu11 Lions

Upcoming Events 
U13 Youth Jamboree
Weygand Field

Sat, 04/26
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
U9/G13/G45 Youth Jamboree
W Homewood

Sat, 04/26
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
U11 Youth Jamboree
Spain Park HS

Sat, 04/26
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
U15 Youth Jamboree
Weygand Field

Sun, 04/27
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Lacrosse Championship 1/4 Finals
Sun, 04/27
1:00 PM - 8:00 PM