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  1.  A valid US Lacrosse Coach Membership ($55 paid to US Lacrosse)
  2.  US Lacrosse Background Check (free of charge & renewed every two (2) years)
  3.  SafeSport Online Training (free of charge and provided by US Lacrosse)
  4.  A Valid GBYLA Coach Registration for Spring 2021

Click below to register;


** Please Note ** 

You must have your SafeSport Online Course Completion Certificate available

for upload during the GBYLA registration process.



All CDP US Lacrosse Clinics will be held virtually in 2021.  Level 1 and Level 2 workshops will be posted for 2021 here: https://uslacrosse.secure.nonprofitsoapbox.com/calendar.  Click on the day you wish to participate and register to attend.



For more information on US Lacrosse Virtual Workshops, please visit our website at https://www.uslacrosse.org/coaches/coach-development-program/instructional-clinics


Stay tuned: Level 3 Workshops are coming soon!

Instructions for How to Register to Coach for the GBYLA:

  1. Click on above link or on our website homepage; click on the red button REGISTER NOW.
  2. Scroll down to Volunteer COACH registration.  Click the Green Button to REGISTER
  3. Click the Green Button REGISTER to the left of your name.
  4. Choose your Participation Type.
  5. Agree to the US Lacrosse Waivers and SUBMIT.
  6. Background Check screening is completed during the purchase or renewal process for your US Lacrosse Membership.
  7. SafeSport Online Course completion is required to complete registration with the GBYLA.  Please have completion certificate available for uploading.

    Instructions for US Lacrosse SafeSport Online Course:

    Start the course today by following these 3 easy steps:

    1. Log into My Account on USLacrosse.org
    2. Click on SafeSport Training under Quick Links on the right
    3. Click Start Your SafeSport Training to begin the course‚Äč

    4.  Print your Completion Certificate for upload to the GBYLA.

Instructions for US Lacrosse Background Check:

  • Coach will join or renew as usual.  Initiate the background screening after you purchase or renew (and while still logged into uslacrosse.org) by navigating to the Background Check link located under the QUICK LINKS on the right side of the member's profile page.
  • Coach will be prompted to complete the background screening in the join/renew confirmation email -- please note that you will need your USL member ID# to enter when following the link from this confirmation email OR you can just log back into uslacrosse.org and navigate to the background check page.
  • The day you establish or renew your membership is called 'Day Zero.'  You then have 10 days to initiate the background check process.  You will get an email detailing this as part of your membership confirmation process.  Reminder emails will go out every day.  On Day 11, if you have not begun the background screening, you will receive one final email from US Lacrosse reminding you to initiate the background screening process.
  • The Day 11 email will be the trigger to suspend your COACH membership.  This means you no longer have COACH membership status and therefore lose insurance coverage and will not be allowed to coach.
  • After Day 11, you can complete the background check by calling or emailing US Lacrosse Member Experience team.  They will send you a link to kick start or re-initiate the process.  It is YOUR responsibility to follow up with US Lacrosse to convert your membership back from FAN to COACH.

Need Help??  Call the US Lacrosse Membership Experience Team

410-235-6882 (x102)

Hours:    Monday - Thursday  8:30am - 8:00pm EST

Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm EST

Closed on Sunday